Things that are neat

1.  Book-It is hiring me full-time year-round with medical benefits.  This is good, although I shouldn't get too comfortable or I'll NEVER get a job at a library.  Which is very much the ultimate goal.

2.  I am done with grad school.  My portfolio just passed today, and I am simply awaiting my final grade in my Children's Materials class.  I graduate officially on Thursday, and get to wear ridiculous academic regalia which is full of unnecessary pointy parts.

3.  I'm house sitting in Wallingford for the next three weeks or so -- and I have a car as a result, and I get to play with a cat. 

4.  I'm going to ALA Annual in Washington, D.C. on June 24th -- and I'll be leaving for New York on June 29th.  Home by the Seattle International Beer Festival and the 4th of July!

5.  It is lots of awesome people's birthdays this month.



Things I need to do before I am done with school FOREVER:

By the end of today:
-Finish The Circus of Dr. Lao
-Write a Reader's Shelf Article for Library Journal/Nancy Pearl's Class
-Finish my journal for Nancy Pearl's class

By the end of tomorrow:
-Last Nancy Pearl Saturday class

By the end of Wednesday:
-Post my program/mediography for my storytime for Children's Materials

By the end of next Thursday:
-Finish planning/presenting my ghost story storytime for Children's Materials
-Have my last class of school EVER

By the end of next Saturday:
-Finish my portfolio final draft
-Peer critique my group members for my portfolio class
-Edit my book review of The Invention of Hugo Cabret
-Write a recap of my ghost story storytime

-GRADUATION PARTY with my parents and friends

The following Thursday:
-Actually walk in the iSchool graduation

I am so.  close. 



I haven't posted in awhile, have I? Here's what's going on:

1. I graduate from grad school in exactly one month -- and my last day of class ever is in exactly three weeks. I am so ready to not be in school anymore.

2. I should probably start applying for library jobs -- a lot of my classmates seem to already be doing this, and I honestly don't know how they find time -- I've barely been sleeping.

3. My hours at Book-It have gone up, so I'm at work a lot more often, which is good for money but bad for having time to do stuff.

4. I'm taking a class with Nancy Pearl! Which is basically just 27 book nerds sitting around and talking about books for five hours on Saturdays in May. It's a very good way to end my school career :)

5. CHEESE FESTIVAL IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I'm going Sunday, who's coming?

6. Hmmmmmm, what else. Thing are good. Too busy, but good. I can't wait to have time for myself again. I'm house sitting for my boss in June, so I'll have a car, which is nice. Also, I'm going to the American Library Assocation conference in Washington, D.C. at the end of June! To celebrate further, I'm going to New York City for a few days afterward! It's gonna be a busy summmer...but I'm ready. For it to be summer, that is.


Merry Jesus's birthday and Jesus's birthday eve

It's been a good few days with Seth and Krishna and my sister (and Dylan there at the end).

Dec. 24th:
1. Breakfast at Mecca
2. Avatar in IMAX 3D (which was very awesome.)
3. My sister made us tartiflette, which is a French dish from the Savoie region (it involves lots of cheese and potatoes).

Dec. 25th:
1. Dim sum
2. Tried to go see Sherlock Holmes at Northgate, but it was sold out until 4 PM. What the hell? I thought movies were for the Jews on Christmas, and there are DEFINITELY not enough Jews in Seattle to fill up two showings of Sherlock Holmes.
3. Ended up seeing Sherlock Holmes at the Cinebarre.
4. Made lasagna
5. Made cookies
6. Dylan showed up and we went to the Baranof and sang karaoke.

It's a Christmas miracle!!